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Simon's Peritoneal Dialysis Patented Belts

The SPD BELT is designed to stabilize the exit site of the PD catheter.  Being on dialysis for five years now,  I know how devastating the infections could be with this condition,  SPD BELT is designed to hide the exit site from the bacteria-infested environment.

The SPD BELT is made out of 100% COTTON which is hypoallergenic. SPD BELT comes in all different sizes and 4 different colors: Black, White, Burgundy and Beige.

All products are patented and all rights reserved to Mr. Simon Mihaelson.

Belt for Men/Women

Special Belt for Women

Belt for Men/Women

PD-Belt for Men or Women Special PD Belt for Women PD Belt for Men/Women

SPD BELT is very easy to use and very comfortable once put on.

Without SPD-Belt With SPD-Belt Comfortable PD-Belt

Ladies, I also designed them to appear good as part of your sexy lingerie; it has lace trimming to make the belst blend in. This design is for special orders only.

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